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Gregg Willcox
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Intelligent Systems
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Hello! I'm interested in developing cross-disciplinary collaborations and research projects. My core research focuses on Artificial Intelligence, though I'm actively working on projects in Biology, Game Design, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Complex Systems, and Art. I'm interested in learning about and contributing to a much broader set of topics also.

Most recently, I've developed a Complex Systems approach to Artificial Intelligence: viewing learning as a bottom-up emergent process of individual actions, rather than a top-down process governed by a single global algorithm. Reading Arthur's Complexity and the Economy, particularly the papers on Combinatorial Optimization and Bounded Rationality, has been particularly inspiring to me, as have a broad spectrum of concepts in Evolutionary theory: group level selection, niche formation, and selection without fitness. I'm working on contributions to the field of Artificial (General) Intelligence through this lens.

I'm also developing video games in Unity, that act as both artistic pursuits and as a way to introduce systems thinking into casual gaming. As one example of a project in this domain, I'm working with a small team on a top-down rogue-like game, where the player tries to rehabilitate a planet's ecosystem from a near-apocalyptic state. Along the way, the player learns about the systems that govern life on earth: the Carbon Cycle, ecological constraints and adaptations of plants, and more.

Finally, I'm excited by inventing products and starting businesses. I'm working on an app that enables users (or at least myself!) to understand how their everyday activities, such as drinking coffee, impact their physiological and mental wellbeing.

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Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Game Design, Multiagent Systems