Harold Colin Cowherd

Harold C. Cowherd is a experimental composer and poet. His current interests includes data-driven composition and systems as a compositional determinant. His work can be located and described in the following ways:

Music theory, analysis and composition — anarchic harmony via intuitive chromaticism, linear counterpoint via polyphonic-additive process and other harmony. Other harmony is a term devised by the minimalist composer Tom Johnson meaning that there are other harmonic systems other than tonal and atonal.

Harold C. Cowherd received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Michigan State University in East Lansing. Previously, he received his M.Mus. from Syracuse University as the Eloise K. Heaton Fellow in sacred music composition. His former teachers included Andrew Waggoner, Joseph Downing and Daniel Godfrey and at Long Island University with Raoul Pleskow and Howard Rovics.

Contact Harold at: dr.harold.cowherd@gmail.com