Herbert Bernstein

Herbert J. Bernstein is a mathematician and computer scientist currently working primarily on problems related to structural biology and data management, especially high data-rate macromolecular crystallography, as a research professor at Rochester Institute of Technology and a research collaborator at National Synchrotron Light Source II at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Dr. Bernstein has a Ph.D in mathematics from New York University in 1968 and is the author of nearly 90 papers and more than 120 meeting presentations since 1965. He has been active in laboratory automation since 1970, working on a wide range of computer-related hardware in support of experimental data collection, including analysis and design of power and grounding circuitry, passive and active signal interface logic, and network wiring. Dr. Bernstein supports open source software used in structural biology, including CBFlib, RasMol, NearTree, and BGAOL. Starting 15 years ago he has had a lively grant-funded research program and is PI on grants from Dectris Ltd. of Baden-Dättwil, Switzerland for research on “Extensions and Improvements to Detector Data Formats,” from LBNL as a subaward to NIGMS-funded “DIALS: New Computational Methods to Enable Challenging Crystallographic Experiments” and is Co-PI on grants from NSF on “Using protein function prediction to promote hypothesis-driven thinking in undergraduate biochemistry education.” Dr. Bernstein has taught at New York University, Stony Brook University, St. Joseph’s College, Dowling College, and Rochester Institute of Technology, both in the classroom and online, covering subjects in Mathematics, Computer Science, Cheminformatics, and Bioinformatics.

Contact Herbert at herbert [dot] bernstein at ronininstitute /dot/ org