João Vitor Dutra Molino

I am interested in Biotechnology since the beginning of my understanding of science, I understand it sound vague, but it is primarily that. This is so because, to me, it unifies the most of human ingenuity to a complex phenomenon, life. I believe, that in biotechnology, we have to exploit our creativity to master complex problem presented by the study of biology. Yet, the issues to iron out for biotechnology applications requires more than a single approach, and creativity must be incite with the merge of different viewpoints. Something I firmly believe. I also, believe that the doing of science must be changed, to be more reliable, broaden and meaningful, so I am an open science enthusiast. I have been trying to apply this in my research with microalgae, by opening my collected data and so forth. I got interested in open hardware during my PhD, out of necessity, and I keep doing this kind of project in some part of my time. Inside biotechnology, I got interest in bioprocess, from upstream to downstream applications, and I still am. 

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