Johannes Jaeger

Johannes Jaeger
Research Scholar
Organsimic Agency, Evolution, and Artificial "Intelligence"
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I am a philosopher of science, a systems scientist, and an evolutionary biologist with an extremely transdisciplinary track record. My investigations, first as the head of an empirical lab, later as the director of an institute for the philosophy of biology, then as a freelance philosopher, researcher, and educator, have always focused around a process perspective on the organism and its evolution.

I am interested in fundamental questions such as the limits of (genetic) reductionism, dynamical systems modelling, and mechanistic explanation in biology. My current projects deal with the use of models as epistemic tools, with causality in complex adaptive systems, and with the nature of organismic agency, its role in evolution, and how it is fundamentally different from "agency" in artificial "intelligence," which should really be called algorithmic mimicry.

In recent years, I have also developed an interest in promoting open science and in understanding the epistemology of open inquiry and innovation.

​Crossing disciplinary boundaries between biology, mathematics, and philosophy is an essential aspect of my work. Teaching and mentoring are my passions. In addition, I gained valuable managerial experience in running an institute of advanced study. I have a talent for facilitating interdisciplinary interactions, and a proven track record for building a supportive, productive, and creative academic environment.

Open-ended Evolution, Systems Biology, Organismic Biology, Philosophy of Science, Organismic Agency, Adjacent Possible, Relevance Realization, Process Philosophy, Perspectival Realism
Artificial Intelligence, Biology and Biological Sciences, Complex Systems Studies, Emergence, Open Science, Philosophy of Science, Systems Science, Theory of Life