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Jonathan Walter
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I am an ecologist who is broadly interested in understanding the causes and consequences of space-time ecological patterns in populations, communities, and ecosystems. I use statistics and mathematical models to study a variety of questions and systems. Many recurring themes in my work draw on the science of complex systems, such as scale, stability, networks, and synchronization. The main focus of my current research is to understand patterns and mechanisms of synchrony in ecology, at scales from individuals to ecosystems, the cross-scale effects of synchrony, and the implications of synchrony for conservation and natural resource management. I study this and other questions using a variety of systems spanning terrestrial and aquatic biomes, and taxa from insects to trees to fish. My research is driven both by my curiosity about the inner-workings of the natural world, as well as by its applications to human concerns and well-being, and I work with practitioners both to identify impactful research questions and to implement solutions.

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