Jorge Diaz

I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science (double major) at St. Joseph’s College in Long Island, NY. I have been exposed to the fascinating field of crystallography working as a research assistant at NSLS-II. Reading articles on the subject and having discussions with my mentor, it is obvious to me that the past accomplishments in crystallography and the current technology at our disposal are enough to allow for the current MX crystallography software to keep improving and give scientists better tools for improved data analysis in this domain. I am interested in finding patterns in x-ray diffraction data and aiming to improve current algorithms used in MX crystallography software. One of the many algorithms that can be improved and will be beneficial when improved are the spot finding algorithms. An improvement to current spot finding algorithms can result in better data analysis and processing by informing the user on certain characteristics about the experiments such as: split crystals, funny shape crystals and ice rings. This improvement can reduce the likelihood of false assumptions being made after the data has been processed.

Other interests: Religion and Philosophy

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