Kalyan Vinnakota

My academic training is in computational modeling of biochemical systems and in experimental quantitative biology. The general theme of my research is cell metabolism and transport. My current research areas are hepatic, renal, cardiac, and skeletal muscle cell metabolism, with an aim to uncover their physiological operating principles and dysregulation in pathology. I develop and utilize both computational and experimental physiological techniques to address the research problems at hand. Significant contributions to the field of biochemical systems modeling include, 1) a novel framework to compute the progress of biochemical reactions and free cation concentration changes as a function of time in a physiological milieu; 2) elucidating the feedback control of glycolysis and mitochondrial ATP generation; 3) impact of post-translational lipid modifications on the diffusion of Ras2 in yeast; and 4) the application of genome scale metabolic network models to in vivo metabolism.

Learn more at: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=U5GhgJEAAAAJ&hl=en

Contact Kalyan at kalyan [dot] vinnakota “at” ronininstitute /dot/ org