Keith Tse Lit Hum Oxon Balliol Ling UoM UoY MCIL CL

Keith Tse Lit Hum Oxon Balliol Ling UoM UoY MCIL CL   •   謝嘉麒
Research Scholar
Languages and Linguistics, East Asian (Chinese) Studies, Classical and Romance Philology
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'The world is not beautiful, but it sure is interesting.' 


Educational and Research Experience

I specialise in Indo-European and East Asian linguistics with specific reference to Romance and Sinitic languages, the former being my field of study in Higher Education (M.A. in Classics and Romance Languages at Balliol College, University of Oxford) and the latter my native language (Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese). After completing my undergraduate studies in classical and modern languages at the University of Oxford (Balliol College), I did a Master's degree in Languages and Linguistics at the University of Manchester and a Research degree in Linguistics at the University of York.

My academic research focuses on three interrelated topics: Chinese Copulas and Clefts, Differential Object Marking in Romance and Chinese, and formal (Chomskyan/Minimalist) historical-comparative syntax and language evolution from Indo-European and East Asian perspectives. I also have secondary interests in sociolinguistics, especially dialectology and variationist linguistics, which feed into my research and writings in language variation and change. For the purpose of conducting my research, I am also skilled and experienced in using statistical packages such as R, Python and LancBox. Currently, I am a member of Fellow Travelers such as the Institute of Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE) and am affiliated with Lancaster University (UK).


Professional Experience

In addition to my academic research, I am a professional interpreter and have provided language services such as telephone and face-to-face simultaneous interpreting in my specialised languages in the UK and US. I also have experience in teaching foreign languages, specifically Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese, to western students, which started at the University of Manchester where I was affiliated with the Manchester International Society. Furthermore, I am a freelance columnist and have written op-ed’s on contemporary sociopolitical issues from a (socio)linguistic perspective for Asia Times Online. All my journalistic writings can be found on MuckRack


Experience at the Ronin Institute

Currently, I am the Community Journalist and Communication and Events co-lead at the Ronin Institute where I am jointly in charge of internal and external communications as well as the organisation of our Lightning Talk events. I also prepare occasional MailChimp newsletters containing details of our events and contribute regularly to the compilation of scholarship produced by fellow Ronin Scholars on Zotero where I apply my experience and skills in scholarly searches and bibliographical cataloguing that I acquired as a former librarian. Furthermore, I have been a regular participant in our institute's events: on 6th November 2020 I presented a Public Seminar entitled 'Biolinguistics and Language Evolution: Formal "Simplicity" and "Structural Simplification" ', and on 26th February 2021 I hosted a Public Seminar 'The Value of Social Cohesion in Our Communities' given by my fellow Ronin Research Scholar Angelo Luidens. In addition, I have given three short presentations on Spanish Linguistics (22nd June 2021), Save Cantonese (28th February 2022) and Chinese dialects (21st September 2023) at our monthly Lightning Talks

Moreover, I have contributed two blogposts to our Ronin Institute Blog (Reflections on 2020: COVID, research, career and prospects, Save Cantonese: language advocacy for a project to preserve Cantonese in the West) and have edited blogposts written by other Research Scholars ("Free" isn't free: A Ronin Research Scholar examines the web and its problems (Ralph Haygood), Common Wealth Dividends: a new book about the wealth each of us is owed (Brent Ranalli), Sustaining The Weird Ecology (John LaRocco), A Year in Review for the Ronin Institute: 2021 (Arika Virapongse), The story of making "Geo-societal Narratives - Contextualising geosciences" (Martin Bohle), Multilingualism, global competency and language learning for a better world: The role of independent scholars (Kathleen Stein-Smith), Preserving cultural heritage in times of crisis: the role of social media (Kristin Parker), Sustainability at the Ronin Institute (Oumaima Ben Amor), Overcoming systemic barriers to inclusion in academia: the case for a hybrid conferences format (William Donald), A Year in Review for the Ronin Institute: 2022 (Arika Virapongse), So you want to write and publish a book? (Jennifer Barr, Jacqueline Kory-Westlund, Alex Lancaster, Emily Monosson, Bryan Quoc Le) and In memoriam: Research Scholar Adele Hite (Jon Wilkins)). 


Publications and Presentations

For more information and detail of my academic and professional work and career, please visit my webpages and social media profiles below. Please also feel free to get in touch ( on any academic or professional matter. 


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Here is a list of my publications in which I used my affiliation with the Ronin Institute (please also see our Scholarship Library). For a full list of my publications and presentations, please visit my academic webpage

Tse, K. (2018): 'Chinese Voice: ba (把) and bei (被)'. Poster presentation at International Forum in Frontiers in Linguistics (IFFL), 30th October 2018, Beijing Language and Culture University (北京語言大學)

Tse, K. (2019): 'Chinese cleft constructions: microparametric "lateral" grammaticalization'. Buckeye East Asian Linguistics, Ohio State University, volume 4, pp. 69-78

Tse, K. (2019): 'Chinese BA (把) and BEI (被): Voice Applicatives and Argument Alternations (把字句和被字句:被動式與主動式)'. Oral presentation at Third International Workshop on Syntactic Cartography (IWSC2019), 27th October 2019, Beijing Language and Culture University (北京語言大學)

Tse, K. (2020): 'Nominal and Verbal Parameters in Differential Object Marking: Romance ad and Chinese ba'. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 5(1):670-684

Tse, K. (2020): 'Book Review of Elly van Gelderen, ed. Cyclical Change Continued (Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 227). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2016. Pp. 429'. Journal of Historical Linguistics 10(1):136-142

Ursini, F. -A. and Tse, K. (2021): 'Region Prepositions: The View from French'. Canadian Journal of Linguistics/Revue Canadienne De Linguistique 66(1):31-59

Ursini, F. -A., Tse, K. and Wu, T. (2023): 'Extending the Semantic Cartography Hypothesis beyond French Spatial Prepositions', in Stosic, D., Bras, M., Minoccheri, C. and Abrard, O. (eds), Les prépositions complexes en français - Théories, descriptions, applications. L'Harmattan, pp. 121-138. 

Tse, K. (2023): 'Chinese (Ad)nominalisation: Dialectal Microvariation and Nominalisation of Activity'. Oral presentation at Tenth International Conference in Formal Linguistics (ICFL -10), 28th October 2023, Tsinghua University (清華大學)

Tse, K. (2023): 'Categorial Microvariation in Differential Object Case-Marking: Romance Preposition (ad) and Chinese Co-Verbs (ba/bei). Oral presentation at Fifth International Workshop on Syntactic Cartography (IWSC2023), 30th October 2023, Beijing Language and Culture University (北京語言大學)

Hedberg, N., Garduno, T., Görgülü, E., Irimia, M-A., Schneider-Zioga, P., Sosa, J. M., Tse, K., and Yuan, Y-F. (2023): 'On the differential use of subtypes of English clefts in dialogue', in Proceedings of the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Linguistics Association

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