Keith Tse

I specialise in Indo-European and East Asian linguistics with specific reference to Romance and Sinitic languages, the former being my field of study in Higher Education (M.A. in Classics and Modern Languages (Spanish) at Balliol College, University of Oxford) and the latter my native language (Mandarin/Cantonese). My academic research focuses on three interrelated topics: Chinese Copulas and Clefts, Differential Object Marking in Romance and Chinese, and formal (Chomskyan/Minimalist) historical-comparative syntax and language evolution from Indo-European and East Asian perspectives. I also have secondary interests in sociolinguistics, especially dialectology and variationist linguistics, which feed into my research in language variation and change. For the purpose of my research, I am also skilled in using statistical packages such as R and Python for which I hold qualifications and certifications. In addition to my academic research, I am a professional interpreter and have provided services such as telephone and face-to-face simultaneous interpreting in the UK and US. I am also a freelance journalist and have written Op-ed’s for Asia Times Online. Currently, I am the Community Journalist of our Ronin community where I participate in internal and external communications. I am also a member of the Institute of Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE). For more information, please visit my webpages and social media (see links below) and please feel free to get in touch on any academic or professional matter.

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