Krishna Choudhary

Krishna is broadly interested in biomedical data science. His current interests include development of quantitative methods and software for RNA structure biology, single-cell gene expression and multiomics.

All living organisms are composed of one or many cells. Cells are the fundamental units of life. A variety of molecules reside inside cells and life manifests through interactions between them. Understanding these interactions and the forces that drive them is a central goal of biological research. The better we understand the cellular systems, the better equipped we would be to develop solutions for healthcare and food/agriculture applications.

Rapid technological advances (e.g., DNA sequencing, microscopy, computing) have now enabled us to delve deep inside the cells and examine the molecular interactions in great detail. Deriving actionable insights from the data that is generated by these technologies requires careful quantitative analysis of the data. Krishna focuses on developing methods for such quantitative analyses as well as software implementing these methods.

All good scientific work requires scrutiny from multiple perspectives. Krishna is always looking for scientists to share details about his research pursuits, get feedback and collaborate. Feel free to shoot him an email with any suggestions/ideas/questions.

For more details about Krishna’s work, visit his Google Scholar profile or LinkedIn profile.