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Trust-Building and Collaboration
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Selected Papers

  • Flanagan H, Haak LL, Paglione LD (2021) Approaching Trust: Case Studies for Developing Global Research Infrastructures. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics 6:746514.
  • Haak L, Greene S, Ratan K (2020) A New Research Economy: Socio-technical framework to open up lines of credit in the academic community. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e60477.
  • Haak LL, Meadows A, Brown J (2018). Using ORCID, DOI, and other open identifiers in research evaluation. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analysis 3:28.
  • Starr J, Castro E, Crosas M, Dumontier M, Downs RR, Duerr R, Haak L,... Hourclé J (2015). Achieving human and machine accessibility of cited data in scholarly publications. PeerJ Computer Science, 1, e1.
  • Haak LL, Fenner M, Paglione L, Pentz E, Ratner H (2012). ORCID: A system to uniquely identify researchers. Learned Publishing, 25(4): 259-264.
  • Haak LL, Ferris W, Wright K, Pollard ME, Barden K, Probus MA, Tartakovsky M, Hackett, CJ (2012). The electronic Scientific Portfolio Assistant: Integrating scientific knowledge databases to support program impact assessment. Science and Public Policy, 39(4):464-475.
  • Haak LL, Baker D, Ginther DK, Gordon GG, Probus MA, Kannankutty N, Weinberg BA (2012) Standards and infrastructure for innovation data exchange. Science, 338(6104): 196-197.
  • Ginther DK, Schaffer WT, Schnell J, Masimore B, Liu F, Haak LL, Kington R (2011) Race, ethnicity, and NIH research awards. Science, 333(6045): 1015-1019.
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