Malte Willmes

Malte Willmes
Research Scholar
Wildlife ecology
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At the core of my research is the development and application of geochemical tracers to reconstruct life history patterns, habitat use, and diet of wildlife and humans in both modern and palaeo-ecological systems. During my Ph.D., I worked mostly on prehistoric wildlife and human mobility in Europe. Since then, my focus has shifted to both modern and prehistoric fish populations. Currently, I am working on reconstructing provenance and movements for several threatened and endangered fishes in California including Chinook Salmon, White Sturgeon, and Delta and Longfin Smelt. In addition, I am on a project using fish remains recovered from archaeological middens to explore how fish species responded to long-term climatic and landscape-scale changes. My research is used to provide a long-term perspective on fish management and conservation in the San Francisco Estuary.
In addition to my affiliation with the Ronin Institute, I am also an Assistant Project Scientist at UC Santa Cruz in the Institute of Marine Sciences and part of the National Marine Fisheries Service, Southwest Fisheries Science Center.
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