Marco Salerno

Marco Salerno (born 1967) is an Italian physicist, holding a MSc degree obtained from the University of Pisa (1993) working on the atomic force microscopy measurement of friction, and a PhD degree obtained from the Karl-Franzens University of Graz (Austria, 2002), working on photon scanning tunneling microscopy of plasmon polaritons in gold nanoparticles.  MS is an expert of scanning probe microscopy, and has long worked also in nanofabrication (mainly electron beam lithography but also photolithography, soft and natural lithography).  Over the years, MS has also worked at Scientific Park of Elba Island, INFM of Modena, and CNR of Lecce.  Since 15 years he is a fellow of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa.  There, he has moved on to an approach more like materials scientist, focusing especially on dental materials (both restorative composites and surface treatment of implants), and on development and applications of anodic nanoporous alumina (in SERS and a as a substrate for tissue integration).  MS would like to carry on some research on alumina and materials, next, using FEM, as well as providing some guidance to students, both via online courses (he is also an expert of IP&A including fractals) and MSc/PhD projects consulting and/or tutoring.  MS has a score of approximately 140 research articles, and an h-index of 25 (Scopus).

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