Michael Ibrahim

I am interested in noninvasive, bioimaging-based approaches to pharmacokinetic analyses and mechanism & structure-based functional studies of drug transport mechanisms. The methodology employed in the above research could be translated for PET, SPECT, MicroPET, Molecular Imaging of cancer and other diseases. With the advent of PET/CT and further advancement in the development of PET/MRI increased functional and quantitative studies of many diseases would be possible.

This goal can be achieved with mathematical and pharmacokinetics modeling of contrast agents, radiotracers and bio-molecular probes’ transport phenomena in tissues, in-vivo and in-vitro. My long-term goal is to translate the findings of this research into early diagnosis and treatment of diseases, such as Cancers, AD & other dementias, Neurological diseases, and intervertebral discs degeneration.

Contact Michael at ibrahim_mgh@comcast.net