Mike Daniels

I am a leader with a track record of finding creative solutions for the effective use of technology and cyberinfrastructure in geoscience organizations. My career has been dedicated to the leadership and development of complex computing, software engineering, data management and cyberinfrastructure systems for the purpose of enabling new discoveries and enhancing scientific productivity. My recent projects cover topics ranging from executive leadership and governance, to real-time data acquisition and access, to the development of science workflows, to data management, to linking data artifacts with research by way of semantic architectures.

My research interests include nearly all facets of earth science data services including digital archives, workflows and software and system engineering. These have led me to be an active participant in the Earth and space sciences informatics community. As a participant in several Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP, see esipfed.org) committees and clusters, I have more recently served on the Board of Directors as an elected ESIP Representative. I regularly present data and cyberinfrastructure issues and solutions at large meetings and conferences.

Finally, I have a passion for encouraging students to become involved in the earth sciences. I started an internship within a large organization specifically for two-year college and technical school students in the geosciences and have routinely engaged two-year college, undergraduate, and graduate students in my research-project teams.

ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1889-4084