Milos Todorovic

Milos Todorovic is a freelancer and a transdisciplinary researcher from Serbia. He holds a bachelor’s in archaeology from the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Philosophy, a master’s in art history from the same institution and a master’s in political science from Singidunum University’s Faculty of Media and Communications. During his undergraduate studies he was a member of AIESEC and participated in international volunteer projects in Egypt, Greece and Turkey, was involved with the Centre for Urban Development and published several student research papers, which sparked his interest in doing research.

He has been involved with Wikimedia Serbia since 2016, working with the organization and its GLAM and Edu programs on promoting open knowledge. As a freelance author, he published articles on various subjects, ranging from bioethics to classics, in numerous Serbian magazines and several international ones like Skeptic Magazine, Anthropology Now, Turkish Policy Quarterly, etc. He published his first book in 2021 when he was just 23. Todorovic’s current research spans several disciplines, including but not limited to: museum & heritage studies, sociocultural anthropology, political science, international relations and history; diplomacy, public and applied history, heritage in international relations, Turkey’s foreign policy, community archaeology, reception of antiquity, imagology and the image of the “Other” are just some of the topics he is currently interested in.

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