Mona Wells

Mona Wells
Research Scholar
Environmental Management and Impact Assessment
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I am an interdisciplinary environmental scientist specialised in Environmental Management. Since PhD studies my work has spanned a broad portfolio including technical project work, research, commercialisation, project management, programme development and instruction, and continuous improvement / quality management. My recent work has focused on research in areas that have come to be known as wicked problems. Such problems, for instance, disruption of biogeochemical N, P and trace metal cycles by agricultural activities, biodiversity loss, and climate change, have no solution per se, however, may be amenable to management and represent problems that we all, as global citizens, will increasingly face. Currently much of the research that I am doing might be generally summarised as biogeochemistry with a focus on bioavailability and the role of bioavailability in environmental risk assessment (ERA), environmental impact assessment (EIA) and decision support in environmental management (EM). Examples of individual work packages include 1) risk assessment of heavy metal pollution and use of bioavailability in tandem with spatial modeling to develop more streamlined approaches to ERA and EM; 2) studies focused on the effects of micronutrients on algae in lakes with implications for eutrophication and the EM ramifications of these effects; 3) a next-generation sequencing study looking at the co-occurrence of antimicrobial and metal resistance in a highly polluted/multi-stressor freshwater environment. I have been a leader or team member on projects spanning very diverse projects such as biofuel development, environmental toxicology, development of environmental materials, numerical methods/statistics and uncertainty analysis, greenhouse gas accounting, long-term fate and effects (acid mine drainage, oil spills) and application of evidence-based sustainability metrics. In addition to my main area of technical expertise and experience in commercialisation and business development, I have also been involved in multi-disciplinary work on education and environmental attitudes.

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