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Nathan is a research consultant, interdisciplinary social scientist and writer who delivers insights on digital mental health, interactive technology, well-being and social innovation.

Nathan also holds a PhD in Media and Communications from the University of London (Goldsmiths), UK. His interdisciplinary research explores the entanglement between the intergenerational transmission of trauma (“hauntings”), affect, cultural identity/identification in ethnic Chinese diasporas, and the mediated perceptions and transnational productions of traumatic memory through visual and interactive media.

Specifically, his dissertation explores the tension of ‘blurring’ boundaries between history, testimony and fantasy, and the many issues of power within the official memory production and remembrance (or silencing/forgetting) of select, traumatic histories. He investigates these issues through mediated “visions” of national or personal traumas (e.g. war, chaos, poverty) throughout 20th century Chinese history and their affective transmission across generations (with emphasis on the Canadian Chinese diaspora). Through a ‘critical, (un)locatable autoethnographic approach’, Nathan reflexively interrogates these historical ‘hauntings’ through performative kinaesthetic movement, interviews, and further analysis of media such as oral/written testimonies, cinema, television, artworks, and video installations.

Prior to Goldsmiths, he studied his MA in Canada specializing in Counselling Psychology. He is certified as a Clinical Counselor in Canada and continues to work on projects related to digital mental health, “serious” video games, and socially innovative entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Infusing interdisciplinary knowledge from Psychology, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Cinema, and Interactive Media, Nathan is passionate about creating socially impactful and transformative environments that critically engage and humanize.

Nathan is also Founder of the Intergenerational Project, a digital media space assembling raw human stories into a multigenerational collage. He also moonlights as a Producer with Ciel Impression (

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