Paul Frazer

I am fascinated with the fields of motivation and personality as well as how they intersect.  My PhD dissertation research looked at the predictive relationship between personality and motivation, and I am pursuing further research in multi-trait models of motivation.  I am in the middle stages of developing a theory, model and inventory of motivation that represents the role personality plays in fundamental motivation based in evolutionary theory.

I also believe that complex statistical tools such as canonical correlation can be more widely used to model complex phenomena like motivation and personality.  I am similarly interested in the fields of Coaching and Positive Psychology, Narrative Psychology, and Leadership Psychology.

Along with being a researcher, I am also a coach, consultant and speaker on human performance.  These roles are significant to me as I believe in the importance of the application of knowledge.  I am dedicated to not just academic principles and learning but also to how knowledge can be applied in the “real world” through coaching, consulting, the use of inventories and other practitioner applications of theory.

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