Pedro Portela

Pedro Portela was born in Porto, Portugal in 1980 and his childhood dream was to become an astronaut and explore the galaxy in a spaceship.

He graduated in mechanical engineering in Portugal where he soon became involved in projects with the European Space Agency (ESA). He was the managing partner of a space hardware company in Portugal for 6 years.

After leaving this company, he took up permaculture and twice visited one of the most radical sustainability schools in the world, Schumacher College in the United Kingdom taking courses on sustainability, complexity theory, systems theory and social collaboration technologies.

He is a consultant for philanthropies working on Peacebuilding and Conflict transformation. He works to bring the hard science of complex systems thinking and its tools to the hands of systems changemakers and peacebuilders on the grassroots.

His current independent research interest is in the area of governance of systems change networks and what lesson can be learned from nature and complexity theory to enhance the coordination of human activity in times of chaos and uncertainty.

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