Siv Watkins

My academic career has focused on microbial networks and activities in wastewater, soil, and freshwater. I spent many years studying bacteriophages and their impact on bacterial hosts. I’m particularly interested in host range capacities of bacteriophages. My current research interests have pivoted towards the microbiome of Cannabis sp., both in terms of its agricultural growth and the biology of the plant itself. I’m interested how the relationship between the plant and its microbiome can be used as an immune system to improve crop yield and health – to protect a medicinal product from unnecessary chemical applications. I’m currently co-founder of a biotech startup seeking to commercialize these processes, and our mission is to find a viable alternative to the commercial application of pesticides, for cannabis, hemp – and beyond.

I am a student and educator of animism and animism theory and practice. I founded the website, which explores the relationship between humans and microorganisms from this perspective.

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