Swarn Warshaneyan

Swarn Warshaneyan
Research Scholar
Computational Biology
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Swarn S. W. is a technologist & an engineer. His interests lie mostly in CS/IT, with some interest in "life extension" (also known as "experimental gerontology" & "biomedical gerontology"). He has completed his education for a bachelor of technology in biotechnology & is constantly working on improving his understanding of the CS/IT field. His hobbies are reading/writing in general & learning new skills. He believes that possessing a rational, utilitarian, practical & realistic approach is important. He occasionally works on research topics that are relevant to him. He’s a futurist and a supporter of the open science movement. He wishes to help the number of STEM researchers and educationists grow so that the many serious & worrying predictions concerning our fates do not come to pass.

Relevant quote: "There's always a first time. Everyone starts somewhere & becoming a beginner is the first step towards becoming an expert."

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