William Pagnoux

During my initial academic formation, I have mainly had the opportunity to do fundamental research with an application focus; by this I mean that although my research has focused on the deep structure of matter (both during my internships as well as during my 3 and a half years of PhD research) it has had an application rooted in reality (fuel cell design, improvement of drug bioavailability…). This double facet of my research is what has always pushed me to go further in a spirit of making the most of my experiences.

Moreover, the privilege of having been able to implement various innovative experiments on large instruments (ESRF in SOLEIL, the two French synchrotrons) has reinforced my desire to popularize my work in order to share my joy of pushing back the limits.

I have made the slogan of the French National Centre for Scientific Research my own: “Crossing borders” and as Serge Haroche (2012 Nobel Prize for Physics) made clear to me during one of his lectures, these borders are as much that of knowledge as that of laboratories and scientific mediation must be one of the cornerstones of any researcher’s work.

Because of my current professional situation, my research projects are therefore mainly focused on intense scientific monitoring and science communication more than on the fundamental experiments I have been able to carry out in the past using X-ray diffractometers, Differntial Scanning Calorimetry and Raman spectrometers.

However, this forced autonomy allowed me to open up fields of knowledge that were still totally foreign to me. Indeed, I have been able to meet many people in recent years within the French skeptics community and have discovered a passion for GMOs, debates on environmental issues (my short training in nuclear chemistry gave me a different perspective on these themes), as well as on the excesses surrounding practices in alternative medicine (homeopathy, energetic therapy…) and agriculture (biodynamics…). In addition, I have developed an important passion for political issues and the sociological aspect of them, as French society has been so disrupted since 2015 and the terrorist attacks that have launched a series of profound changes in an imperceptible way.

I am currently working on a research file on the burial of nuclear waste in deep geological strata through the prism of the case of the natural reactors of Oklo (Gabon). I also plan to carry out an investigation into the origins of organic farming and how capitalism has potentially perverted Sir Albert Howard’s original vision.

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