Grants Management

Perhaps the single greatest challenge facing independent and non-traditional scholars is finding sources of funding to support their research. The Ronin Institute is able to manage funding from federal agencies, foundations, and individual philanthropists to support high-quality scholarship.

Federal Funding

Ronin Institute Research Scholars are able to apply through the Ronin Institute to US funding agencies such as the NSF, NIH, and NASA. Because our administrative and infrastructure costs are much lower than those of traditional academic institutions, more of the award is available to support your research. In fact, when researchers have transferred funding from universities to Ronin, we have been able to rebudget awards to increase direct research funding.

For Research Scholars outside of the US, we may be able to facilitate your application for funds from US agencies, depending on the details of the situation. If you are interested in using your Ronin Institute affiliation to apply for government funding from sources outside the US, contact the development office, and we can work together to determine eligibility.

Foundation Funding

The Ronin Institute’s status as a publicly supported 501(c)3 nonprofit organization makes us eligible to receive and administer funding from a variety of charitable foundations. If you have a project that fits well with a foundation’s mission, let us know.

If you’re looking for information about foundations, here are a couple of lists of foundations and philanthropic organizations in the US to get you started:

Philanthropic Organizations

Provided we meet their eligibility requirements, we are, of course, happy to work with foundations and other philanthropic organizations based anywhere in the world.

Individual Funding

Research Scholars who have discrete projects that might be of interest to individual philanthropists should contact the development office. We are assembling a portfolio of fundable projects that can be shared with prospective donors.

If you are an individual donor, you should know that the minimal bureaucracy of the Ronin Institute and the non-fungibility of its finances mean that your financial support will have a much greater impact on research than it would have at most academic and research institutions. Contact us for additional details.