Hey, here’s a cool video. It’s a sort of advice column from designer James Victore. The advice is obviously framed in a way that is specific to design (and probably art /achitecture as well), but it’s amazing how much of it carries over to, well, everything. It’s something that all you scholars out there should listen to.

Also, this guy’s face is like a crossbow, because just look at his facial hair, and then listen to those truth bolts shooting out of his mouth!

Now get out there!

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  1. HI, JW.
    This is my response to the video and to the advice it offers. My stance in this response has nothing, whatsoever, to do with my scholarly life. James Victore has answered my big question of the week… Am I an idiot for sinking money and time into an online custom stuff store based on what will soon become my proprietary trademark: A drink is like a hug. I have no idea who this guy is, or what he’s done. But I’ve heard the same advice all my life from every walk of my life. So. I’m not gonna worry any more about the advisability of what I’m doing. Thanks for putting this video up.

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