Ronin Public Seminar: The Tiny and the Vast

By Ronin Research Scholar Thomas J. Buckholtz

This seminar is part of the Ronin Institute Public Seminar Series, featuring our Research Scholars. We welcome members of the public to attend.

Title: The Tiny and the Vast: Predictions about Elementary Particles, Dark Matter, and the Cosmos

Presenter: Thomas J. Buckholtz, Ronin Institute Research Scholar
Hosted by: Immanuel Freeman, Ronin Institute Research Scholar

Date/time: October 18 at 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM ET/ 22:00-23:00 UTC (in your local timeAdd to your calendar
Meeting link:

The Tiny and the Vast

Summary of the seminar: We discuss work that might solve three 80-year physics challenges:
– Describing all elementary particles.
– Describing dark matter.
– Explaining the changing rates at which very large objects move away from each other.

Fun Fact: Possibly one cannot solve any one of the three challenges without solving all three of them. It took me nine-plus years to do so. Fortunately, the underlying math is simpler than math other people use to try to tackle the challenges.

Here is a 2-min introductory video to the seminar:

Here is a recording of the seminar:

Thomas J. Buckholtz has conducted research and authored publications regarding physics, mathematics, computer science, the Information Age, software licensing, service science, innovation, and other fields. Marquis Who’s Who awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award. Thomas has a PhD in Physics from University of California, Berkeley, and a BS in Mathematics from California Institute of Technology.

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