Subhajit Dutta

I am currently a graduate student at the Department of Biotechnology, National Institute of Technology Durgapur, India. Although a botanist by training with a specialization in Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, my research interest lies in Network Biology and Cellular trans-differentiation. I use a network-based approach to identify novel therapeutic targets and characterize repurposed drugs to treat obesity and type II diabetes. By adopting such network-based strategies, I am also involved in screening different chemical libraries, predicting novel chemicals that can augment cell fate reprogramming, and characterizing them for their potential use as anti-obesity drugs. My graduate training includes both dry-lab (computational) and wet-lab (experimental) biology interfaces.

I am always looking for potential collaboration(s) with other researchers worldwide working with Systems Biology/cell fate change/metabolic disorder. Let’s connect and do science together!!!

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