Research Scholars

The Ronin Institute’s Research Scholars represent fields across the academic spectrum, with many individual scholars contributing to multiple traditional disciplines. Visit the links below to learn more about their research.

Lee Altenberg, Evolutionary Theory

Angela Anderson, Postcapitalist Feminist Media & Science Studies

Katherine Andrews, Translational Science

Wei Rong Ang, Socially Responsible Investment & Financial Economics

Patricia Appelbaum, Religious Studies

Hugo Arias-Pulido, Translational Cancer Research

Kristina Baines, Medical and Ecological Anthropology

Curt Balch, Epigenetics and Cancer Biology

Soumya Banerjee, Computational Immunology

Sean Barberie, Data Science and Drones

Michele Battle-Fisher, Systems Thinking and Health Policy / Governancy / Legal Studies

Landon Bennett, Artificial General Intelligence

Anamaria Berea, Computational Economics, Linguistics, and Semiotics

Aviv Bergman, Systems Biology

Rene Bruckner, Film History and Media Archaeology

Gene Bunin, Experimental Optimization / Global Optimization / Uyghur Language

John Laurence Busch, History of “High Technology”

Viviane Callier, Developmental Physiology

Toni Carey, Philosophy and the History of Ideas

Evelyn Ch’ien, Cultural Production

Tom Chittenden, Theoretical Systems Biology

Maciej Chojnowski, Geometrical Model of Particle Mass

Michael Clarage, Plasma Astrophysics

Dana Cohen, Computational Biology

Nadia Colburn, Literature, Reading, Trauma Studies

Franco Cortese, Biomedical Gerontology

Michelle Marchetti Coughlin, Early American / Women’s History

Jovita De Loatch, Comparative Law and Economics

Jennifer Doering, Music Composition

Ashton Drew, Decision Science

Fred Duerr, Comparative Physiology

Ruth Duerr, Science Data Management, Software and System Engineering

Sepehr Ehsani, Philosophical Biology

Andronikos Falagkas, Interculturalism and Global Vision

Ben Fertig, Ecological Dynamics

Edward Flach, Biology Prediction

Jennifer Goddard, Heritage and Illicit Antiquities

Candace Gossen, Environmental Archaeology

Stacy Hartman, Cognitive Cultural Studies

Marcia Byrom Hartwell, International Development

Kelli Hash-Gonzalez, International Relations and Political Psychology

Ralph Haygood, Ecology and Evolution

Michael Ibrahim, Biophysics and Biomedical Imaging

Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Quantum Theory and Geometry

Diane Kelly, Comparative Biomechanics and Neuroscience

Kristina Killgrove, Biological Anthropology and Archaeology

Marios Kyriazis, Advanced Concepts in Aging

Alex Lancaster, Evolutionary Systems Biology

Forrest Landry, Applied Metaphysics, Ethics, and Natural Philosophy

Emily Lankau, Veterinary Epidemiology

Sarah Arnd Linder, Women in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

AJ Lumsdaine, Problem-Solving Eczema

Vaibhav Madhok, Quantum Information Science, Mathematical Biology, Complex Systems

Elizabeth Mann, Microbial Ecology

Kristina Markman, Medieval History

Heather Maughan, Microbial Ecology and Evolution

Lauren McCall, Music Composition / Music Education

Colin Meiklejohn, Population Genetics

Josh Mitteldorf, Evolution of Cooperation and Aging

Lucas Mix, Theory of Life

Johnathon Mohr, Neuropsychiatric Modeling of Mental Illness

Regina Monaco, Complex Systems / AI / Neuroscience

Emily Monosson, Evolutionary Toxicology

Julia Mossbridge, Psychophysiology of Time

Christina Muirhead, Population Genetics

Malory Nye, Culture, Religion, and Anthropology

Steven Orzack, Biology

Michael Palmer, Evolution of Complexity

Vitaly Radksy, International Development and Education

Gillian Ragsdale, Biological Psychology and Genetics

Brent Ranalli, History, Philosophy, Policy

Vicente Reyes, Mathematical, Computational, and Structural Biology

Nailah Ricco, Behavioral Resistance Within the African Diaspora

Jeffrey Rose, Paleoanthropology

Sara Rosenquist, Sexual and Reproductive Health Psychology

Brandon Routman, Behavioral Economics and Evolutionary Theory

Kathleen Rowley, Education and the Path(s) Taken

Deborah Safron, Sociology

Sean Avila Saiter, Transpersonal-Phenomenological Psychology

Vicenta Salvador, Physiology and Evolution

Tammy Sanders, Learning for Digital-Age Professionals

Elizabeth Sbrocco, Marine Ecology and Evolution

Brian Schefke, History of Science

Soren Scott, Informatics

Levi Simons, Distributed Environmental Monitoring

Eric Smith, Stochastic Processes and Statistical Mechanics

Richard Sobel, Social Sciences

Ashton Sperry, Philosophy of Science

Cheryl Sundberg, Transformative Science Education

Anne Thessen, Biodiversity Informatics

Nathan To, Media Psychology, Cultural Studies, & Digital Mental Health

Schuyler Towne, History of Mechanical Security

Meghan Joyce Tozer, Music History

Arika Virapongse, Social Ecology

Sarah Vizel, Computational Bioengineering

Mickey von Dassow, Developmental Biomechanics

Peter Waddell, Statistical Genetics and Molecular Evolution

Gordon Webster, Modeling Paradigms For The Life Sciences

John S. Wilkins, History and Philosophy of Biology

Jon F. Wilkins, Evolution

Eleanor Wynn, Anthropology