Research Scholars

The Ronin Institute’s Research Scholars represent fields across the academic spectrum, with many individual scholars contributing to multiple traditional disciplines.

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NameResearch AreaResearch Tags
Lee AltenbergEvolutionary TheoryBiology, Mathematics, Computer Science
Katherine AndrewsTranslational ScienceChemistry
Larry AndrewsCrystallography & Lattice ClassificationPhysics
Wei Rong AngSocially Responsible Investment & Financial EconomicsEconomics
Patricia AppelbaumReligious StudiesReligion
Hugo Arias-PulidoTranslational Cancer ResearchBiology, Medicine
Dan AuerbachData-Driven Water Solutions
Kristina BainesMedical and Ecological AnthropologyAnthropology
Curt BalchEpigenetics & Cancer BiologyBiology, Medicine
Soumya BanerjeeComputational ImmunologyBiology, Medicine
Sean BarberieData Science & DronesComputer Science
Michele Battle-FisherSystems Thinking & Health Policy / Governance / Legal Studies
Landon BennettArtificial General Intelligence
Matt BentleyComputer ScienceComputer Science
Anamaria BereaComputational Economics / Linguistics / SemioticsEconomics
Aviv BergmanSystems BiologyAging
Martin BohleStudies of Earth Sciences – Society RelationsData Science, Earth Science, Marine Physics, Geoethics
Rene BrucknerFilm History & Media ArchaeologyFilm, Media
Dawid BunikowskiLaw, Philosophy, & AnthropologyLaw, Philosophy
Gene BuninExperimental Optimization / Global Optimization / Uyghur Language
John Laurence BuschHistory of High TechnologyHistory, Technology, Economics, Evolution, Art
Viviane CallierDevelopmental PhysiologyBiology
Toni CareyPhilosophy & the History of IdeasPhilosophy
Evelyn Ch'ienCultural ProductionLiterature
Tom ChittendenTheoretical Systems BiologyBiology
Maciej ChojnowskiGeometrical Model of Particle MassPhysics
Timothy CiesielskiTransdisciplinary Public HealthMedicine
Michael ClaragePlasma AstrophysicsPhysics
Dana CohenComputational BiologyBiology
Nadia ColburnLiterature, Reading, Trauma StudiesLiterature
Andrew CollinsOperations Research
Will ConnorEthnomusicologyMusical Instruments, Gothic/Lovecraftian Studies
Denise CookGenetics of PersonalityGenetics
Franco CorteseBiomedical GerontologyAging
Michelle Marchetti CoughlinEarly American & Womens' HistoryHistory
Jovita De LoatchComparative Law & Economics/Legal AnthropologyEnvironmental Law, Urban Planning
Jennifer DoeringMusic CompositionMusic
Ashton DrewDecision Science
Ruth DuerrScience Data Management, Software & System EngineeringComputer Science, Informatics, Information Science, Cryology, Semantics
Sepehr EhsaniPhilosophical BiologyBiology, Philosophy
Bob FagenAnimal Play BehaviorBiology
Andronikos FalagkasInterculturalism & Global Vision
Ben FertigEcological DynamicsBiology
Doug FischerBiogeographyBiology
Edward FlachBiology PredictionBiology
Aaron FreemanBehavioral BiologyNeuroscience, Biology, Behavior, Science Communication
Philipp GläserPlanetary Science
Jennifer GoddardHeritage & Illicit Antiques
Candace GossenEnvironmental ArchaeologyArchaeology
Vesselin GueorguievTheoretical Physics, Astrophysics, & CosmologyPhysics, Mathematics, Computer Modeling & Simulations
Stacy HartmanCognitive Cultural StudiesLiterature
Marcia Byrom HartwellInternational Development
Kelli Hash-GonzalezInternational Relations & Political Psychology
Cael HasseFoundations of Quantum Theory & EpistemologyPhilosophy, Physics
Ralph HaygoodEcology & EvolutionBiology
Tamseela HussainMedical InformaticsMedicine
Michael IbrahimBiophysics & Biomedical ImagingMedicine
Arkadiusz JadczykQuantum Theory & GeometryPhysics
Maria JakubikKnowledge Management & Leadership
Kim Kanigel WinnerComputational Cancer BiologyBiology, Medicine
Diane KellyComparative Biomechanics & NeuroscienceBiology, Evolution, Reproduction, Materials Science
Evgeny KhvalkovMedieval StudiesHistory
Kristina KillgroveBiological Anthropology & ArchaeologyBiology, Anthropology, Archaeology
Marios KyriazisAdvanced Concepts in AgingBiology, Aging
Alex LancasterEvolutionary Systems BiologyBiology, Evolution, Complex Systems, Philosophy of Science
Forrest LandryApplied Metaphysics, Ethics, & Natural PhilosophyPhilosophy
Emily LankauVeterinary EpidemiologyBiology, Medicine
Kartika LestariClimate Change, Variability, and ImpactsClimate, Modeling
Sarah Arnd LinderWomen in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
AJ LumsdaineOpen Science Problem Solving
Vaibhav MadhokQuantum Information Science, Mathematical Biology, & Complex SystemsPhysics
Elizabeth MannMicrobial EcologyBiology
Kristina MarkmanMedieval HistoryHistory
Heather MaughanMicrobial Ecology & EvolutionBiology, Evolution
Lauren McCallMusic Composition & Music Education
Colin MeiklejohnPopulation GeneticsBiology, Evolution
Athina MeliAstroparticle Physics / High Energy & Plasma AstrophysicsPhysics
Aanchal MishraBiologyBiology
Josh MitteldorfEvolution of Cooperation & AgingBiology, Evolution
Lucas MixTheory of LifeBiology, Evolution
Johnathon MohrNeuropsychiatric Modeling of Mental IllnessBiology, Psychiatry
Regina MonacoComplex Systems / AI / NeuroscienceBiology, Neuroscience
Emily MonossonEvolutionary ToxicologyBiology, Evolution, Medicine
Jaime Moreno TejadaHistorical GeographyHistory
Julia MossbridgePsychophysiology of TimePsychology
Christina MuirheadPopulation GeneticsBiology, Evolution
Malory NyeCulture, Religion, & AnthropologyReligion, Anthropology
Steven OrzackBiologyBiology, Evolution
Octavio Paez OsunaAlgebraic Curves & Combinatorial ConfigurationsMathematics, Cryptography, Coding Theory
Michael PalmerEvolution of ComplexityBiology, Evolution
Vitaly RadskyInternational Development & Education
Gillian RagsdaleBiological Psychology & GeneticsBiology, Evolution
Brent RanalliHistory / Philosophy / PolicyHistory, Philosophy
Benjamin RedelingsMathematical & Computational BiologyBayesian Statistics, MCMC
Vicente ReyesComputational, Mathematical, & Structural BiologyBiology, Medicine
Nailah RiccoBehavioral Resistance within the African Diaspora
Cora RoelofsOccupational Health
Jeffrey RosePaleoanthropologyAnthropology
Sara RosenquistSexual & Reproductive Health PsychologyPsychology
Brandon RoutmanBehavioral Economics & Evolutionary TheoryEconomics, Evolution
Kathleen RowleyEducation & the Path(s) TakenEducation
Deborah SafronSociologySociology
Sean Avila SaiterTranspersonal-Phenomenological PsychologyPsychology
Vicenta SalvadorPhysiology & EvolutionBiology, Evolution
Tammy SandersLearning for Digital-Age ProfessionalsEducation
Elizabeth SbroccoMarine Ecology & EvolutionBiology, Evolution
Brian SchefkeHistory of ScienceHistory
Soren ScottInformaticsComputer Science
B Lungsi SharmaNeuroscienceBiology
Patricia SilverSociocultural AnthropologyAnthropology
Levi SimonsDistributed Environmental Monitoring
Eric SmithStochastic Processes & Statistical MechanicsBiology, Chemistry, Physics
Richard SobelSocial SciencesEconomics
Martina Spaeni LimaEvolutionary Ecology of Human Health & Global ChangeBiology, Evolution, Medicine
Ashton SperryPhilosophy of ScienceData Science, Decision Theory, Game Theory, Logic
Cheryl SundbergTransformative Science EducationEducation
Anne ThessenBiodiversity InformaticsBiology, Data Science
Jeffrey ThompsonWildlife EcologyBiology
Nathan ToMedia Psychology, Cultural Studies, & Digital Mental HealthMedia, Psychology
Schuyler TowneHistory of Mechanical SecurityHistory
Meghan Joyce TozerMusic HistoryMusic, History
Jose Luis Perez VelazquezOrganizing Principles of Brain & BehaviorBiology, Neuroscience
Linda VilliersPaleoarchaeologyArchaeology
Arika VirapongseSocial EcologySociology
Sarah VizelComputational BiomechanicsBiology
Michelangelo von DassowDevelopmental BiomechanicsBiology
Peter WaddellStatistical Genetics & Molecular EvolutionBiology, Evolution
Michael WalkerHuman Evolution & PalaeoanthropologyBiology, Evolution, Anthropology
Gordon WebsterModeling Paradigms for the Life SciencesComputational Biology
John S WilkinsHistory & Philosophy of BiologyBiology, History, Philosophy
Jon F WilkinsEvolutionBiology, Evolution
Donald A WindsorParasitologyBiology
Eleanor WynnAnthropologyAnthropology