Anneke Schmidt

I see myself primarily as an independent researcher in the fields of Social Sciences and Education as well as Humanities, with a special focus on Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology and Ethics. My research journey began with an exploration of the concept of non-reductive religious pluralism as a potential theoretical basis for constructive inter-faith (and specifically, Christian/Muslim) dialogue, as well as a general fascination with questions of universality and particularity in the (potentially comparative) study of religions, all of which led me to develop an awareness of the significance of difference within situations of inter-religious or inter-cultural encounters and dialogue.

Another, related area of expertise is British multi-faith Religious Education (RE). My PhD (University of Exeter, UK) explored the role of theology and theological understanding(s) in non-confessional, multi-faith RE as it is taught in schools without a religious affiliation in England and Wales today. The thesis title was: Discovering Views of the Divine: An Interreligious, Transcendence-orientated Approach to Theological Content in Religious Education (2020). Other research interests include religious mysticism (such as Quakerism in Christianity and Sufism in Islam), the phenomenon of civil religion, as well as key questions in the philosophy of religion, philosophy of (Religious) Education, and metaphysical considerations in the philosophy of mind.

In addition to this, I provide academic language services in English and German such as specialist translations and editing/proofreading services in the fields of Social Sciences and Education, Humanities and the Arts. I also offer online courses (e.g. in academic writing) and other educational content, designed to help learners from a range of backgrounds and cultural/educational contexts to improve their study skills, with a particular focus on distance, blended and e-learning.

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