Declan Finney

I am an independent scholar investigating a broad range of issues around climate change science and climate action. My research to date has focused on climate change impacts upon lightning and the weather of Eastern Africa. These activities were largely undertaken during my PhD at the University of Edinburgh and a postdoctoral research position at the University of Leeds. However, since April 2020 I have been independently conducting research.

Going forward I will continue to contribute to research on lightning and Eastern African weather and climate. My interests in lightning research entail a search for good predictors of lightning activity in the current climate in which we can also have confidence of how they will respond to climate change. Further to this, I have an interest in the impacts of lightning on atmospheric chemistry and wildfires. Regarding Eastern Africa, I aim to establish predictable features of weather and, through understanding the physical mechanisms, study potential effects of climate change.

In addition to continuing these previous research lines, I will broaden my research to look at fundamental concepts in climate science, as well as constructively critique the use of climate models. There are lines of climate research which attempt to move beyond the methods of typical earth system models, for instance, applying the principle of maximum entropy production. In such methods I shall put my efforts.

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