Dyah Pitaloka

My research interests are in topics related to socio cultural aspects of health, health inequalities, marginalization in contemporary healthcare, and activism and social change, with an emphasis on how various social, educational, economic, religious, racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality and policy contexts contribute to structural disparities in society. I have worked on these topics in relation to Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. My goal is to generate policies and culture-specific interventions that are sensitive to social and cultural dimensions of care. I currently pursue three lines of research dealing with health communication within cross-cultural contexts: (a) multicultural society and health care inequalities, (b) everyday experience with illness and illness management in cultural contexts, and (c) marginalization in contemporary healthcare. I am particularly interested in (a) investigating how individuals and community members’ cultural-specific contexts (social support, eating behaviour, perceptions about health and illness) influence their health behaviour and illness management, and (b) generating a theoretical model of cultural health (and illness) management and coping that accounts for the social process.

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