Julia Mossbridge

New HeadshotMy primary goal is to understand how psychological time is perceived by unconscious and conscious processes, and how this relates to physical time. The idea is to eventually create something like a 4-D Google map that draws on unconscious and conscious prediction to help anticipate future events. This goal has led me to examine aspects of both cognitive and perceptual timing (e.g., order effects on reading comprehension, perceptual integration across senses) as well as the controversial reverse-temporal effects I analyzed in my recent meta-analysis (covered in ABC News 20/20, Wall Street Journal Ideas Market, Fox News and other mainstream media outlets). For this work, I am honored to have received the 2014 Charles Honorton Integrative Contributions award.

Mossbridge Institute, LLC (http://www.mossbridgeInstitute.com) is my current venture, from which I have launched my first psychophysiologically inspired app, Choice Compass (http://www.choicecompass.com). The idea behind Choice Compass is to let people consult their heart rhythms to determine which of two choices is most pleasing to them. We know that heart rhythms are related to mood, so this app just allows people to use that fact in their decision making process.

My Ph.D. is in psychophysics and perceptual learning, from the Communication Sciences and Disorders department at Northwestern University, my M.A. is in Neuroscience, from the University of California at San Francisco, and I received my B.A. with highest honors in neuroscience from Oberlin College. I am also the author of Unfolding: The Perpetual Science of Your Soul’s Work (http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/138861 ; New World Library, 2002), and I write about my attempts to find the soul in science on my blog Unfolding Science (http://unfoldingscience.blogspot.com/). In addition to continuing to pursue my research interests and support Mossbridge Institute, I am currently co-authoring a book, Transcendent Mind: Re-thinking the Science of Consciousness.

Email contact: jmossbridge “at” gmail [dot] com