Marc Augustin

Marc is a scholar practitioner residing in the world of computer sciences and business economics. During his research of workers councils impact on employee engagement, he learned to think differently while applying action research paradigms in the project. The thinking and methodology remained and he started to incorporate the thinking into his professional career and practice.

Currently, he is interested in personal development, as well as human resources related topics. In those changing and challenging days, he feels that new approaches need to be discovered and researched. The impact of different theoretical concepts on the practical side is what keeps him motivated to strive for more.

He would like to make a change and contribute within the domain of practical action research by giving narrative examples of self-development and the potential usage of action research concepts in the practitioner’s world, for example during customer workshops as a consultant, but also how action research can help to get a better acceptance of change programs within organisations and how organisations can benefit by adopting the principles of action research into their processes.

Mixing those aspects with concepts from computer sciences might open a completely new world, leading to the future the world is turning to.

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