Michael D Fowler

I studied classical music and was a concert pianist for 10 years before becoming interested in the the relationship between sound and space. During my time as a performing musician, I was involved in realizing avant garde works by composers such as John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Milton Babbitt. Using real-time spatial sound manipulation, and electronic instruments led me to further investigate utilizing cross-disciplinary knowledge in order to generate immersive sound environments.

My work now is primarily focussed on the analysis of what I nominate as exemplary sound-spaces. Whether these be a function of a musical composition such as John Cage’s famous work 4’33”, or manipulations in landscape form such as in a Japanese garden, I seek to apply a myriad of approaches from applied semiotics, mathematics, and knowledge representation in order to represent the fundamental structure of these instances. If there is a way in which we can generalize the interrelation between architectonic and acoustic parameters that define such spaces, then it may be possible to re-apply such structures to sustainable sound design in the future built environment.

Learn more at: https://tu-berlin.academia.edu/MICHAELFOWLER

Contact Michael at michael.fowler@ronininstitute.org