Stéphanie Cassilde

Stéphanie Cassilde is both a developing economist and a sociologist. She focuses on the interaction between language and space. Language may refer to categorization processes, the way facts, ideas, etc. are described and analyzed. Space may refer to a concrete space (home for instance) or to representations, preferences. She is interested in the iterations of preferences and behaviors of individuals in social spaces toward their identities, social links (cohesion/conflict), housing (place to live), language and space. Her current interests include using competitive theoretical frameworks at the same time to both analyze dedicated question and shed light on knowledge production and dissemination.

Stéphanie started to work on the endogeneity of skin color/race declarations in Brazil to understand (1) how people choose one word or another to categorize themselves and/or a third person (she built a chromatic mobility model), and (2) how this categorization process influences the measurements of inequality and discrimination. This research was based on a field research and a mixed-method approach. For about seven years, she worked toward housing issues with a strong link with public policies design and evaluation. Stéphanie also developed an ongoing action research toward homelessness. On a regular basis, she investigates indicators, either to develop them according the needs she met, or to put in perspective given findings (taking into account plurilingualism in ethno-linguistic fragmentation index for instance).

Stéphanie is the 2018-2022 elected President of Research Committee 25 “Language & Society” of the International Sociological Association (

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