Tamseela Hussain

Dr. Tamseela M. Hussain is a Medical Informatician with a passion for preventing, delaying the onset and improving clinical outcomes of chronic diseases with the power of social work, patient education and studying patterns in health data. She believes her tool is the mouse, not the stethoscope, emphasizing that the mouse does not replace the stethoscope, it supplements it.

After graduating from medical school she developed an interest in studying Medical Informatics as a discipline and incorporating data from clinical outcomes back to the Clinical practice guidelines. She completed her Postdoctoral degree in Medical Informatics from Yale University School of Medicine, USA. She has worked as a developer of Electronic medical records, decision support systems and patient portal systems. Her work includes, seeing underserved patients, consulting for primary and secondary use of health data, and clinical research publishing. She is currently focusing on chronicity of, and clinical outcomes from the myriad of interventions done globally for Autism.

Her nonacademic interests include philosophy, modern ethics &moral values, food gardening & healthy cooking, mind gut connection and fitness.

You can access her CV here: thussain_CV_May2017

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