Ajay Jamora


I am a nurse-midwife researcher who studies health policy and social determinants of health that impact sexual and reproductive health care. My research interests lie in health policy and legislation. The goal of my work is to improve perinatal health outcomes in the US, by exposing systemic barriers to health equity, and just, humane care. I am also interested in the gender and class bias seen in the American midwifery workforce.

I am interested in providing research and interventions that increase the diversity and acceptance of underrepresented clinicians is necessary to meet midwifery’s duty to society appropriately.

I began my nursing career as an Army nurse before I resigned my commission in order to pursue midwifery school. While training as a midwife, I became interested in the social determinants of health that midwives are fighting against in tertiary care settings. I currently teach at (non-tenured) Seattle University and Shoreline Community College in WA state. I am involved in independent research and scholarship. I am also involved as an Auxiliarist with the USCG Auxiliary and love to explore the Pacific Northwest with my wife.

Contact Ajay at: ajay.jamora@ronininstitute.org