Tirthankar Ghosal

Hi! I am Tirthankar Ghosal. A fourth year PhD research scholar with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna. Currently I am visiting Oak Ridge National Laboratory to investigate a challenging problem in context to scientific publication mining. I work with AI, ML, NLP techniques applied to scholarly data. Specifically, I am investigating AI techniques to streamline various aspects of scholarly peer review with a focus to three major problems: Novelty, Scope, and Quality prediction from research articles.

My long-term vision is to develop an AI that can  understand human scientific merit to some extent, reduce bias and turnaround time in academic peer review, reduce information overload to the scientists, identify inferior quality work and predatory journals, and accelerate relevant literature discovery to aid the scientists.

My research interests include:

1. Citation Analysis to measure academic influence and idea propagation
2. Deep Learning on scholarly data to address article scope and influence
3. Detecting novelty of an entire document. Can we quantify newness?
4. Finding novel connections among scientific concepts, entities
5. Identify hedge structures, argumentative constructs, and complexity in academic writing

Basically I am interested on anything around mining of scholarly intelligent texts to better understand human scientific knowledge. I support the open science initiatives and truly believe in science without barriers.

My future plans include:

1. To complete my PhD by 2020
2. Look for Postdoctoral positions but investigate problems in scholarly data mining
3. Carry out my quest towards understanding and connecting human scientific knowledge (either independently or with an affiliation)
4. Connecting all scholarly text mining initiatives (academia+industry) to form a joint force (under one roof) to investigate some of the most challenging frontiers to present day AI. I believe the highest form of human intelligence and scientific rigor is encoded in research papers. It is not possible for a human to harvest that massive knowledge. We need AI support.

Please find a brief overview of my work here.

Contact Tirthankar at tirthankar.ghosal@ronininstitute.org