Toni Vogel Carey

t_careyMy work appears both in scholarly journal papers and shorter magazine pieces, and spans an increasingly wide range of topics, including ethics and the relation between real and ideal (my Ph.D. dissertation), philosophy of science (Galileo and Newton in the 17th century, John Herschel and Charles Darwin in the 19th, Lee Smolin today), and the Scottish Enlightenment philosophers (David Hume, Adam Smith, Adam Ferguson, Thomas Reid – a book now in the works). I am drawn to theories that emphasize continuity over dichotomy, the sub-rational (intuition, sentiment, human instinct) over full-blown reason, and upward ideas of evolution (e.g., self-organization) over reductionism. I also write about independent scholars and scholarship, the history of the university, and the learned society movement (another book, if time permits).

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