Anchalee Chaiworaporn


Anchalee Chaiworaporn is a Ph.D. candidate within Film at the University of Southampton funded by the University of Southampton Vice-Chancellors Award.

After finishing MA in Film at the University of Southampton in early 2000, Anchalee has been active in Thailand and the region, having contributed more than 10 books on the cinemas of Thailand and Asia in several languages. Through numerous foreign grants, she has traveled around Asia to do research since 2002 on Asian cinema in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New York. She was also a leader for several projects supported by Thailand Research Fund.

Anchalee’s dissertation project centers around the global rise of Thai art cinema, which she has developed from her earlier research that was conducted in New York in 2016, funded by Rockefeller-attached Asian Cultural Council. The study explores how the once unknown film culture can enter and achieve in the world film industry and how the global context affects the construction of authorship.

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