Athina Meli

Dr. Athina Meli holds a PhD in Physics and Astrophysics from the prestigious Blackett Laboratory of Imperial College London. She has conducted research in internationally known research institutes, such as Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy Bonn, she has given various invited talks and seminars in international meetings and conferences, and she is been collaborating with internationally known theoretical astrophysicists. Her research interests lie within the area of Astroparticle physics, High-Energy astrophysics and Plasma astrophysics. She has been a member of major international cosmic-ray and cosmic-neutrino observatory experiments such as Auger, IceCube and Antares/Km3net.

The observed cosmic-ray spectrum, especially in very high energies, is an exciting subject of research for over a century. Athina studies the possible mechanisms of the origin and acceleration of these cosmic-rays with sophisticated simulations.So far her research findings gave significant insights on the efficiency of the stochastic processes of the diffusive acceleration of cosmic-rays in relativistic plasma environments. Her research work showed that the efficiency of the diffusive particle shock acceleration in a relativistic plasma environment varies, especially, on the direction of the magnetic field in a turbulent plasma (e.g. shock), with important consequences to multi-wavelength source radiation models (neutrinos and gamma-rays).

Presently, she focuses on supercomputer 3D PIC simulations of relativistic astrophysical jets, as she studies the effects the magnetized relativistic jets have into the acceleration of high energy cosmic-rays, and the role they play on the consequent multi-wavelength radiation, of x-rays, gamma-rays and radio waves.