Benjamin Boyce

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Benjamin Boyce

My research focuses on power: how it works, where it hides, and who manages to wield it in various effective ways. In part, because I am an addicted person, I am most interested in the War on Drugs, which means I am also interested in race, socioeconomic status, ableism, and various other systems of subjugation.

Since power is always working in invisible ways, hiding its tracks as it moves throughout our world, I focus on marginal spaces where power seems most visible, albeit temporarily. I am an addicted person who studies drugs and the war against them, and in the U.S., that means I necessarily study prison and other mechanisms of discipline.

The war on drugs is more than a century old, and every year its body count goes up. My research focuses on why that happens, who that harms, and how we can slow or stop it.

Dr. Boyce has published a book titled "Dr. Junkie: One Man's Story of Addiction and Crime That Will Challenge Everything You Know About the War on Drugs."

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