LEUNG Yuen Ling

Dr. LEUNG a registered nurse and nutritionist (Hong Kong), Community Dietitian (Nutrition and Dietetic) and Health Management Specialist (Medical and Health) in China, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (United Kingdom). She has a doctoral degree in Nursing and MSc Nutrition, Food Science and Technology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, MBA and BHSc (Nursing). She held an academic position at nursing college and tertiary institutes for more than 12 years in Hong Kong and Macau combined with more than 6 years of research grant and proposal writing, conducting clinical research, and manuscript production and more than 9 years of clinical experiences in the nursing field for providing nursing care before becoming a Research Scholar with the Ronin Institute.

She was participated in develop and moderate the programme syllabus including certificate, diploma, higher diploma, professional diploma and degree programmes. She trained nursing students by preparing practical and theoretical teaching materials resulting in the annual graduation of over 170 students from bachelor, master and professional diploma programmes. Besides, she also trained students from various higher diploma and bachelor programmes with over 900 graduates annually such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beauty and Cosmetic, Engineering, and Environmental Protection programmes.

Her research interests include the scope of nursing area (adult nursing, geriatric care, public health nursing and so forth), food science technology and nutrition, and complementary alternative therapy. Up to now, six research and project grants (a total of over HKD 1,070,480) obtained from the Hong Kong Government, Education Bureau from China Government, Government-funded University and private tertiary institutions.