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Faith Lianne Abrahams
Research Scholar
Single Cell Systems Biology
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Recently, I have been thinking about Covid-19, and authored the acquired acute porphyria hypothesis. As part of my MSc in Bioinformatics, I conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis investigating the association between Covid-19 mortality and exposure to each of three different types of intervention. I found a significant association between antithrombotics exposure and reduction in relative risk of Covid-19 mortality, particularly for aspirin exposure.

My main research interest is the philosophical reimagination of cancer biology. Systems level analysis explains the emergence of properties that effect cellular decision-making. Single cell approaches illuminate clinically relevant intercellular heterogeneity. Dual integration into Single Cell Systems Biology offers the best chance to reverse engineer the aetiology of cellular transformation and to untangle the evolution of chemotherapeutic resistance.

Perhaps the central problem in cancer biology is that we, too often, target expression rather than behaviour. I have considered a way to target behaviour: 6D phase portrait analysis. In the near future, I intend to learn machine and deep learning techniques, plus a method for converting protein activity data into subgraphs and 6D phase portraits. The 6D phase portraits will serve as substrates for image classification, to predict the chemo-resistance risk profile of single cells.

Additionally, I am a freelance Science Communicator and have developed an idea for public communication of science, that is currently at the concept stage, and would work well as a uniquely Ronin initiative.

Finally, I am interested in enterprise and new business models for science. This includes independent models of value exchange, based in free and voluntary interactions.

If you would like to collaborate on one of my projects, or one of your projects, I am available at:


About my name. 

My legal name is Lianne and I have decided that, from 30 September 2022, my preferred name is Faith. I do intend to change my legal name by deed poll, in the medium term, to Faith Lianne Abrahams. Thank you for your understanding.



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