Mohamed Samir Boudrioua

Applied Mathematics, in my perspective, is the utmost vital specialization in our educational structure as it empowers great implementation and understanding to complex problem solving in which is most applicable in our current economic-concentrated artificial intelligence era.

Having gained my master degree in Mathematical Analysis and Applications from Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi ouzou- Algeria, I have been committedly passionate and motivated on mathematical modeling of real-life problems or phenomena. In addition, upon graduation, I become increasingly driven in researching within three areas of applied mathematics: Mathematical epidemiology, econometrics, and artificial intelligence.

Firstly, apropos of mathematical epidemiology wherein I focus on the modeling of infectious diseases at the population level using different compartmental models. Compartmental models are defined by nonlinear systems of ordinary differential equations. These models are employed to simulate and predict the spread of diseases within a population in which might be very advantageous in implementing disease intervention strategies.

Next, the vis-à-vis econometrics in which I am fervent to determine the relationships between varied macroeconomic and microeconomic variables using the appropriate statistical models such as ARDL and NARDL models, VAR model and others. Moreover, I find the forecasting models for economic quantities such as ARIMA models, simultaneous-equation regression models, neural networks models and others very stimulating.

Finally, the intervention of artificial intelligence specifically in the medical fields inspires me greatly. In my perspective, by developing predictive diagnostic models principally to detect diseases infections from imaging data using artificial intelligence methods might deem greater resolution to especially newly detected diseases such as COVID-19.

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