Sucismita Chutia

Sucismita Chutia
Research Scholar
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
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I am a theoretical condensed matter physicist with a considerable research experience in electronic structure calculations and computational methods.

My research focuses on electronic structure calculations using both analytical methods and numerical simulations. I have experience with using effective mass, semi-empirical tight-binding and model Hamiltonians to study Si and GaAs nanostructures for their potential use in quantum computing devices as well as electronic and optical properties of Mn doped III-V (GaAs and InAs) semiconductor quantum dots. I have also used density functional theory based methods, specifically to study cluster systems like biomolecules. My research there has been focused on developing a well defined sequence of steps to theoretically predict the secondary structures of isolated and microsolvated peptides from a fully first principles approach based on density functional theory so that one is able to access the essential quantum mechanical character of bio-molecules that determine their reactivity and functionality. In the recent years, I have also followed up on my bio-physics research involving the analysis of huge amounts of data and trained in the methods from the field of data science.

My aim for future research is to combine my expertise in the above fields. One plan is to study the interface behaviour of heterostructures in relation to charge conductivity and optical spectroscopy. Another is to study the interaction of biomolecules with nanostructures. I am also planning to using machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques to better understand some of the topics in my fields of interest.

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