The Ronin Institute holds various seminars showcasing the scholarship in our community. Check out past and upcoming seminars here!

November 6, 2020Keith TseBiolinguistics and Language Evolution: formal 'simplicity' and 'structural simplification'
Hosted by: Varsha Dani
October 28, 2020Emily MonossonBlight: the rise of fungal pandemics
Hosted by: Alex Lancaster
October 23, 2020Thomas J. BuckholtzMessaging Matters: A Checklist to Enhance Buy-in for Your Ideas
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Hosted by: Vesselin Gueorguiev
September 30, 2020Jon Wilkins and Michelle Susberry HillGetting Your Research Funded through the Ronin Institute
September 25, 2020Vesselin GueorguievCOVID19 and Cutting Edge Technologies You Can Deploy From Home Yourself!
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September 16, 2020Martin BohleFoundations & Examples for How to Tackle (Geo)ethical Dilemmas
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August 28, 2020Judy Daniels,
Alex Lancaster,
Emily Lankau,
John Paulas,
Jorrit Poelen, and
Arika Virapongse
Getting Started in Consulting as an Independent Scholar
August 7, 2020Chris ChinowthUmwelt Programming
July 29, 2020Ruth DuerrClimate Change Update: The Facts, Solutions, and What You Can Do
July 24, 2020Laura MusgraveDigital Privacy Gap and GDPR: AI Smart Speaker Use in the UK
July 17, 2020Stéphanie CassildeFrom Multilingualism to Plurilingualism to Build an Linguistic Fragmentation Index
May 22, 2020John PaulasThe Past, Present, and Future Work of Our Intellectual Community
April 17, 2020Arika VirapongseUnderstanding Independent Scholarship
November 1, 2019Vesselin GueorguievThe Growth of the Density Fluctuations in the Scale-Invariant Vacuum Theory
July 11, 2019Martin BohleExploring Societal Frameworks
of the Geosciences
April 30, 2019Nick JacksonDoes Economics Explain or Legitimize Development?
The Case of the Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development Project
April 26, 2018Gill RagsdaleEpigenetics and the Evolution of Trust
March 20, 2019Kristina KillgroveReading Past Lives: How Archaeologists Understand the Stories Written in Bone
January 18, 2019Miguel FortunaHarnessing evolution through network ecology: insights from digital organisms
December 14, 2018Vesselin GueorguievQuantum Computing: History and Prospects
December 7, 2018Ashton SperryThe Bandit's Dilemma: Approaching Realistic Decision Theory with Reinforcement Learning
November 30, 2018Alex LancasterModeling cellular systems: stochastic approaches in evolutionary research and therapeutic applications
November 9, 2018Vicente ReyesFounding and Incorporating a Non-Profit R&D Corporation:
My Own Experience
October 26, 2018Gloria MontebrunoTitle: Atomic Bomb Survivors in North America. An Investigation of Their Social Activism, Medical Needs, and Peace Education Projects
October 19, 2018Gordon WebsterThere's more to life science data than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking.
September 28, 2018Jocelyn ScheirerA Twenty-Year Adventure in Wearable Computing
June 7, 2018Martin BohleExploring and Patching: Socio-Environmental Systems, Sense-Making, and Geoethics
May 24, 2018Zak SteinEducation in a Time Between Worlds
May 10, 2018Anne ThessenChallenges Integrating Environment and Phenotype
March 30, 2018Jeffrey RoseParting the Red Sea: Early Human Dispersals and the Original Exodus from Egypt
March 22, 2018Peter WaddellThe Phylogenomic Origins and Definition of Homo sapiens
March 15, 2018Lucas MixA Population Genetic Theory of Life
March 8 2018Anamaria BereaAn Atlas of Communication Evolution Based on a Unified Database of Evidence
March 1, 2018Jovita De LoatchSo, Where are Cultural and Social in Ecosystem Services? The Human Face of Nature
February 22, 2018Marios KyriazisSystems Thinking in Ageing Research
February 15, 2018Jon F WilkinsSix Years of the Ronin Institute
February 8, 2018Ruth DuerrFrom Data to Information
February 1, 2018Arika VirapongseWhat is an Independent Scholar? Preliminary Insights from our Survey Results
April 19, 2018Ruth DuerrFrom Data to Information (Part II)
April 5, 2018John S WilkinsSpecies: The Evolution of the Idea
January 25, 2018Kristina MarkmanBetween Admiration and Defamation: Reimagining the Knightly Ideal in the Wars against Lithuanians
November 9, 2017Martin BohleGeoethics, Human Niche, and Citizen-Science
September 15, 2017Gill RagsdaleHow gene-environment interaction shapes our stress response - as individuals and across generations.
September 7, 2017Josh MitteldorfAging is not good for our fitness. So why do we get old and die?
September 1, 2017Alex LancasterCreating a Collaborative Community of Independent Scholars at the Ronin Institute
August 18, 2017Jovita De LoatchSo, Where are Urban Cultural and Social in Ecological Services? A Spatial Metrics Suitability Analysis
July 27, 2017Mickey von DassowHow do Organisms Build Complex Transport Systems?
June 29, 2017Schuyler TowneHow to Make a Lock
June 9, 2017Emily MonossonBreaking Away from our Toxic Traditions: Natural Defenses for Human Health and Agriculture
June 2, 2017Brent RanalliThe History (and Prehistory) of Scientific Peer Review
May 12, 2017Anamaria BereaEmergence of Cooperation in Social and Biological Networks

Videos of prior seminars that have been made public by the speakers are available on the Ronin Institute’s YouTube channel.