The Ronin Institute holds seminars showcasing the scholarship in our community.

  • Ronin Public Seminars are free and open to all who register for the seminar (sign up for our newsletter mailing list to get announcements of upcoming seminars).
  • Ronin Institute Seminars are presented to an audience of Ronin members only, although a recording of the seminar may be available on our YouTube channel (or via the link in the list below).

Here are our past and upcoming seminars:

March 10, 2021Gregg WillcoxRonin Public Seminar:
Human Swarming: Towards Better Decision-making Systems
Hosted by: Varsha Dani
Feb 26, 2021Angelo LuidensRonin Public Seminar:
The Value of Social Cohesion in Our Communities
Hosted by: Keith Tse
Feb 12, 2021Candace GossenRonin Public Seminar:
What Really Happened to the Trees on Easter Island?
Hosted by: Stéphanie Cassilde
Jan 29, 2021Bruce CaronRonin Public Seminar:
Open Science, Culture Change, and You
Hosted by: John Paulas
November 6, 2020Keith TseRonin Public Seminar:
Biolinguistics and Language Evolution: formal 'simplicity' and 'structural simplification'
Hosted by: Varsha Dani
October 28, 2020Emily MonossonRonin Institute Seminar:
Blight: the rise of fungal pandemics
Hosted by: Alex Lancaster
October 23, 2020Thomas J. BuckholtzRonin Public Seminar:
Messaging Matters: A Checklist to Enhance Buy-in for Your Ideas
Hosted by: Vesselin Gueorguiev
September 30, 2020Jon Wilkins and Michelle Susberry HillRonin Institute Seminar:
Getting Your Research Funded through the Ronin Institute
September 25, 2020Vesselin GueorguievRonin Public Seminar:
COVID19 and Cutting Edge Technologies You Can Deploy From Home Yourself!
September 16, 2020Martin BohleRonin Public Seminar:
Foundations & Examples for How to Tackle (Geo)ethical Dilemmas
August 28, 2020Judy Daniels,
Alex Lancaster,
Emily Lankau,
John Paulas,
Jorrit Poelen, and
Arika Virapongse
Ronin Institute Seminar:
Getting Started in Consulting as an Independent Scholar
August 7, 2020ChrisRonin Institute Seminar:
Umwelt Programming
July 29, 2020Ruth DuerrRonin Institute Seminar:
Climate Change Update: The Facts, Solutions, and What You Can Do
July 24, 2020Laura MusgraveRonin Institute Seminar:
Digital Privacy Gap and GDPR: AI Smart Speaker Use in the UK
July 17, 2020Stéphanie CassildeRonin Institute Seminar:
From Multilingualism to Plurilingualism to Build an Linguistic Fragmentation Index
May 22, 2020John PaulasRonin Institute Seminar:
The Past, Present, and Future Work of Our Intellectual Community
April 17, 2020Arika VirapongseRonin Institute Seminar:
Understanding Independent Scholarship
November 1, 2019Vesselin GueorguievRonin Institute Seminar:
The Growth of the Density Fluctuations in the Scale-Invariant Vacuum Theory
July 11, 2019Martin BohleRonin Institute Seminar:
Exploring Societal Frameworks
of the Geosciences
April 30, 2019Nick JacksonRonin Institute Seminar:
Does Economics Explain or Legitimize Development?
The Case of the Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development Project
April 26, 2018Gill RagsdaleRonin Institute Seminar:
Epigenetics and the Evolution of Trust
March 20, 2019Kristina KillgroveRonin Institute Seminar:
Reading Past Lives: How Archaeologists Understand the Stories Written in Bone
January 18, 2019Miguel FortunaRonin Institute Seminar:
Harnessing evolution through network ecology: insights from digital organisms
December 14, 2018Vesselin GueorguievRonin Institute Seminar:
Quantum Computing: History and Prospects
December 7, 2018Ashton SperryRonin Institute Seminar:
The Bandit's Dilemma: Approaching Realistic Decision Theory with Reinforcement Learning
November 30, 2018Alex LancasterRonin Institute Seminar:
Modeling cellular systems: stochastic approaches in evolutionary research and therapeutic applications
November 9, 2018Vicente ReyesRonin Institute Seminar:
Founding and Incorporating a Non-Profit R&D Corporation:
My Own Experience
October 26, 2018Gloria MontebrunoRonin Institute Seminar:
Atomic Bomb Survivors in North America. An Investigation of Their Social Activism, Medical Needs, and Peace Education Projects
October 19, 2018Gordon WebsterRonin Institute Seminar:
There's more to life science data than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking.
September 28, 2018Jocelyn ScheirerRonin Institute Seminar:
A Twenty-Year Adventure in Wearable Computing
June 7, 2018Martin BohleRonin Institute Seminar:
Exploring and Patching: Socio-Environmental Systems, Sense-Making, and Geoethics
May 24, 2018Zak SteinRonin Institute Seminar:
Education in a Time Between Worlds
May 10, 2018Anne ThessenRonin Institute Seminar:
Challenges Integrating Environment and Phenotype
March 30, 2018Jeffrey RoseRonin Institute Seminar:
Parting the Red Sea: Early Human Dispersals and the Original Exodus from Egypt
March 22, 2018Peter WaddellRonin Institute Seminar:
The Phylogenomic Origins and Definition of Homo sapiens
March 15, 2018Lucas MixRonin Institute Seminar:
A Population Genetic Theory of Life
March 8 2018Anamaria BereaRonin Institute Seminar:
An Atlas of Communication Evolution Based on a Unified Database of Evidence
March 1, 2018Jovita De LoatchRonin Institute Seminar:
So, Where are Cultural and Social in Ecosystem Services? The Human Face of Nature
February 22, 2018Marios KyriazisRonin Institute Seminar:
Systems Thinking in Ageing Research
February 15, 2018Jon F WilkinsRonin Institute Seminar:
Six Years of the Ronin Institute
February 8, 2018Ruth DuerrRonin Institute Seminar:
From Data to Information
February 1, 2018Arika VirapongseRonin Institute Seminar:
What is an Independent Scholar? Preliminary Insights from our Survey Results
April 19, 2018Ruth DuerrRonin Institute Seminar:
From Data to Information (Part II)
April 5, 2018John S WilkinsRonin Institute Seminar:
Species: The Evolution of the Idea
January 25, 2018Kristina MarkmanRonin Institute Seminar:
Between Admiration and Defamation: Reimagining the Knightly Ideal in the Wars against Lithuanians
November 9, 2017Martin BohleRonin Institute Seminar:
Geoethics, Human Niche, and Citizen-Science
September 15, 2017Gill RagsdaleRonin Institute Seminar:
How gene-environment interaction shapes our stress response - as individuals and across generations.
September 7, 2017Josh MitteldorfRonin Institute Seminar:
Aging is not good for our fitness. So why do we get old and die?
September 1, 2017Alex LancasterRonin Institute Seminar:
Creating a Collaborative Community of Independent Scholars at the Ronin Institute
August 18, 2017Jovita De LoatchRonin Institute Seminar:
So, Where are Urban Cultural and Social in Ecological Services? A Spatial Metrics Suitability Analysis
July 27, 2017Mickey von DassowRonin Institute Seminar:
How do Organisms Build Complex Transport Systems?
June 29, 2017Schuyler TowneRonin Institute Seminar:
How to Make a Lock
June 9, 2017Emily MonossonRonin Institute Seminar:
Breaking Away from our Toxic Traditions: Natural Defenses for Human Health and Agriculture
June 2, 2017Brent RanalliRonin Institute Seminar:
The History (and Prehistory) of Scientific Peer Review
May 12, 2017Anamaria BereaRonin Institute Seminar:
Emergence of Cooperation in Social and Biological Networks

Videos of prior seminars that have been made public by the speakers are available on the Ronin Institute’s YouTube channel.